Achieving Better Design and Sustainability Outcomes with Concurrent FEED

The data generated during conceptual design and FEED are quickly becoming more strategically important. From understanding emissions and energy use to a more comprehensive understanding of layout and project costs, owners and their engineering firms are placing more emphasis on early understanding of design choices. But with complexity of the FEED process, the development of such important information can often be slow, inefficient and prone to errors. What’s needed is a more comprehensive, collaborative process, supported by digital tools that help foster a growing, collective wisdom about the project, across disciplines, and parties.


Download this executive brief to learn how your FEED process can benefit from a more integrated solution:

  • Increased visibility into a project’s design and sustainability elements early on
  • Reduced project risk and accelerated time to market by early evaluation of design tradeoffs 
  • Better informed early decisions by improved collaboration of information and cost data across disciplines, offices, and external stakeholders
  • Improved accuracy and consistency of data, with the ability to automatically share changes and updates without the need for manual data entry

Achieving Better Design and Sustainability Outcomes with Concurrent FEED

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Achieving Better Design and Sustainability Outcomes with Concurrent FEED

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