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Innovating and Commercializing Carbon Capture Processes Through Predictive Modeling

Carbon capture continues to be top of mind for energy and chemical companies as they navigate the energy transition, but what is the best approach to achieve mitigation goals? Accurate process modeling is a crucial requirement to select the right processes. In this white paper you will learn how advancements in predictive modeling technology enable you to design the most operable, energy efficient and sustainable solutions.

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Benchmarking Organizations During Lean Times

How do contractors and owners manage risk in today’s environment? There is intense pressure to understand estimating uncertainty and deliver better designs and lower bids. By reading this white paper you'll understand new ways to deliver bids faster and increase transparency with respect to estimate risk and uncertainty.

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Solving Three Common Problems Through SRU Simulation

Small operational issues in the sulphur recovery unit (SRU) can lead to higher emisisons — or worse, a frustrating and costly shutdown. Simulation of the SRU can enable more reliable operations and fewer shutdowns through the prevention of issues and quick and effective troubleshooting. In this paper, we present three common operational issues and show how simulation was used to prevent or quickly resolve the situation.

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Acid Gas Cleaning Validation: Liquid Hydrocarbons

Learn about the acid gas removal process and underlying technology for the Acid Gas - Liquid Treating Property Package in Aspen HYSYS used for solvents used for treating liquid hydrocarbons. Validation results

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Acid Gas Cleaning using DEPG Physical Solvents: Validation with Experimental and Plant Data

Learn about the underlying technology and validation results for the Acid Gas - Physical Solvents Property Package in Aspen HYSYS used for physical solvents in gas-liquid systems, specifically DEPG.

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An Integrated Approach to Pipeline Modeling in a Gathering and Production System

Learn how you can eliminate the need to employ separate third-party tools for pipeline hydraulics by modeling the entire gathering and production system (be it offshore, onshore, topside, etc.) within one tool. Using this new pipeline hydraulics modeling capability, you can optimize the design from a capital and energy perspective, and also ensure the overall safety of the system.

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Enabling Better Project Outcomes: Six Tips for Faster, More Accurate Cost Estimates

Six tips are offered that speak to the strengths of ACCE: Eliminated manual tasks, automates repeated tasks, handles change management, leverages historical content and starts the estimating process leveraging conceptual engineering.

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A Study of Terrain-Induced Slugging in Pipelines Using Aspen Hydraulics Within Aspen HYSYS Upstream

Terrain-induced slugging can cause damage to processing equipment, but predicting slug volumes for sizing slugcatchers is challenging. Learn how Aspen HYSYS can be used to predict slug volumes due to terrain-induced slugging.  

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Validation of BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS

See how the results of BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS compare with published results.

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