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AspenTech solutions help save energy, accelerate scale up of new technologies and drive innovation, thinking not only about today, but also with a view towards the future.

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Digital Twins: Essential to Driving Sustainable Operations for Chemical Producers

Digitalization can play a crucial role in the sustainability of chemical companies by providing the visibility, analysis and insight needed to address the challenges inherent to meeting sustainability goals.

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Accelerating the Hydrogen Economy through Digitalization

Industry leaders are looking for innovative ways to meet their sustainability goals. Hydrogen is a valuable resource that can help companies achieve carbon reduction and reduce energy costs. Download this white paper to learn how digital technology is an essential component in delivering the hydrogen economy and enabling you to:

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Innovating and Commercializing Carbon Capture Processes Through Predictive Modeling

Carbon capture continues to be top of mind for energy and chemical companies as they navigate the energy transition, but what is the best approach to achieve mitigation goals? Accurate process modeling is a crucial requirement to select the right processes. In this white paper you will learn how advancements in predictive modeling technology enable you to design the most operable, energy efficient and sustainable solutions.

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Acelerando la economía del hidrógeno a través de la digitalización

Los líderes de la industria buscan formas innovadoras de alcanzar sus objetivos de sustentabilidad. El hidrógeno es un recurso valioso que puede ayudar a las empresas a lograr la reducción de carbono y reducir los costos de energía.

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Manufacturing Cost Competitiveness in Commodity Chemicals: Five Essential Principles for Emerging Market Producers

All chemical facilities have opportunities to reduce manufacturing costs, including newer, state-of-the art plants, older plants and those in between. Leading global producers have demonstrated reduced energy consumption, increased yield and higher reliability by simply improving operational practices through the application of advanced technology.

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Column Analysis in Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS: Validation with Experimental and Plant Data

With new insight into the hydraulic performance of trays and packing you can make better decisions for more efficient column design, operation support and troubleshooting. This white paper compares the results of the new functionality to KG-TOWER and Sulcol software, as well as experimental data. 

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7 Secrets to a Well-Run Plant (for Plant Managers)

In this white paper, plant managers, engineers and supervisors can learn the different ways simulations models can be used throughout the lifecycle of their plant. It focuses on seven areas you can use process simulation software (like Aspen Plus or Aspen HYSYS) for troubleshooting, process monitoring, and real time performance monitoring or real time optimization (RTO).

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