Aspen IoT Analytics Suite

Out-of-the-box Advanced IoT Analytics Libraries.

Aspen IoT Analytics Suite includes advanced analytics tools and a commercial grade dashboarding environment. With minimal configuration and no coding, you can generate predictions, find anomalies, evaluate device performance & health, assess customer experience & churn. You can easily share these insights with others as dashboards and reports, or via external applications and existing corporate solutions.

Our IoT Analytics Suite includes pre-built analytics libraries and configurable dashboards. It allows you to get insights quickly and share visualizations with external applications and systems. Aspen IoT Analytics Suite provides a toolbox to transform data into insights.

Easily explore data with an intuitive no-coding advanced analytics toolbox. Aspen IoT Analytics Suite includes libraries for anomaly detection, time series prediction, scoring, and behavior. Aspen Cloud, our underlying managed infrastructure, eliminates the challenges of scale and security associated with growing deployments.

Advanced IOT Analytics Libraries

Aspen IoT Analytics Suite can be used for a host of business use cases: Identify anomalies in equipment performance to enhance next-generation products and maintenance programs; Proactively address equipment issues before they reach failure states; Predict and reduce customer churn through device usage patterns.

Visualizations and Dashboards

Create rich, interactive dashboards that leverage both archived and live streaming data. Easily drill, slice, and explore data using IoT libraries, and visualize results through customizable dashboards. Aspen’s role-based access layer allows individual users to visualize and/or manage dashboards relevant to them.

Embedded Analytics

Embed insights into external applications using auto-generated JSON code, saving time for application developers. Easily integrate visualizations with web and mobile applications using Aspen’s secure RESTful API and SDKs. Aspen IoT Analytics Suite integrates with a large set of business tools, including CRM, ERP, and marketing automation.

Scheduled Offline Reports

Generate and schedule offline reports of the equipment data through configurable widgets and visualizations.