Aspen Fidelis

Prioritizing spending decisions while accounting for all functions impacted can be overwhelming. Aspen Fidelis simulates a range of scenarios to provide the first line of defense for unquantified risk to overall plant performance and revenue.

Improve asset wide reliability, global asset performance, and dollar driven decision-making

Whether planning for capital expenditures or adjusting operations and maintenance strategies, the full impact of decisions is difficult to fully assess. Aspen Fidelis provides detailed analysis to help guide strategic decisions for project prioritization such as spare parts management, tankage, demurrage reduction and debottlenecking efforts.​

Aspen Mtell® and Aspen Fidelis integration now enables risk quantification and drives data-driven decisions that align plant performance with operational and financial goals.

With Aspen Fidelis, decision makers can maximize the economics of business decisions by going beyond the equipment level and accurately predicting future asset performance of the whole system.

Whats new in V14
Achieve higher levels of operational excellence with aspenONE® V14 enhancements and V14.2 to accelerate your digital journey.